GETNET awarded Institutional Accreditation



GETNET was recently given accreditation by the ETQA Committee of the Services SETA.

This means that the accreditation was awarded after the SETQAA evaluation found that GETNET has the potential and the capacity to deliver quality education and training in line with the minimum criteria specified by SAQA. GETNET can deliver the following learning programmes as SETA accredited:

Gender Awareness Programme
Gender and local government Programme
National and Local Governmental budgets from a gender perspective

Some of the comments in the report from SETA were highly complimentary.

"..There is no doubt that this organization is trend-setting and plays a powerful part in the transformation imperatives of Southern Africa."

"There is rich commitment to monitoring and evaluation and this is well documented."

"Excellent depiction of a vibrant organisation that has aligned itself with transformation in a meaningful manner."

Staff were described as "highly qualified" and policies and procedures"... go beyond a paper trail, and are living policies."

GETNET was congratulated on their achievement.



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