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Click here for information on the GETNET Training programme for 2005.

GETNET programmes aim to deliver cutting edge interventions to transform gender relations within South African society. Our programmes are based on four key activities, namely gender training, research, materials development and regular networking events.

Our three main programmes focus on:

  • Building the governance skills of councillors and officials within South African Local Government
  • Encouraging men's active participation in the search for gender equality
  • Enabling people within organisations and institutions to initiate, lead and maintain organisational change processes

Gender and Local Government

The objective of this programme is to build the skills of local government councillors and officials to integrate gender into their policies, planning and implementation. Local government is the sphere of government that is the closest to our communities, and through more gender equitable service delivery, it has the potential to change the condition and position of women living within municipal areas.

The objective of our Gender and Local Government programme is to:

  • Enhance the participation of women within governance and decision - making
  • To transform local government into more gender equitable structures of governance
  • To build the governance skills of councillors, and implementation skills of local government officials to address gender imbalances within service delivery
The programme consists of training workshops, research on various topical issues within this sphere of government, development of materials, both for training and publication purposes, as well as regular networking events with key stakeholders within the transformation process.

The training component consists of a series of three workshops, that covers the following:

  • Gender Awareness
  • Mainstreaming gender within Local Government Integrated Development Plans
  • Analysing local government budgets from a gender perspective
  • Enhancing women's participation in the affairs of local government
  • Dealing with gender issues in the transformation of councils' practices and procedures

Men and Masculinities

The Men and Masculinities Programme is a unique approach to encourage the participation of men in working towards transforming gender relations in South Africa. The training GETNET offers to men is unique in that it is held exclusively with men in a secure and non - threatening environment where they can reflect and discuss a range of gender issues relevant to their personal lives, work and community.

The training offered within this programme is ideal for men who are interested in gender work and that are employed as transformation officers, diversity trainers, human resource managers, members of men's groups or forums.

The three - day workshop:

  • Enables participants to reflect on how their socialisation, culture, tradition and religion affect relations between women and men.
  • Examines the intersections between gender, HIV/AIDS and Violence against Women
  • Promotes social relations that contribute towards equity between women and men.
  • Assist individuals, organisations and institutions to formulate plans for change interventions

National Gender Training Workshop
This program is aimed at enhancing the skills of employees who are responsible to mainstream gender within their organisations' structure and functions.

The training programme consists of three components:

  • Gender Awareness
  • Policy Formulation and Analysis
  • Gender Planning & Budgeting

This four - day course is outcomes - based and involves participatory learning methodology. Experienced gender trainers make use of group work, discussion groups and stimulating debate to facilitate the learning process.

The workshop is aimed at:

  • Gender Coordinators
  • Gender Focal Persons
  • Gender Practitioners in NGO's/ Organized Labour/ Private Sector and Government Departments
  • Men and women interested in deepening their understanding of gender in order to apply it in their organization and community

The four - day workshop covers:

  • Social Construction of gender
  • Interface between gender - based violence, HIV/AIDS and Poverty from a gender perspective
  • Gender Mainstreaming Strategies
  • Tools of Gender Frameworks and Analysis
  • Gendered analysis of government budgets
  • Analysis of policy

Training Opportunities for 2005

During 2005 GETNET will host workshops that are open to individuals who would like to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge offered within the three programmes.

If you want to know whether you will benefit from these workshops, ask yourself these questions:

Are you a policy maker or decision-maker and responsible for initiating change in your institution or organization?

Have you ever been asked to bring gender issues into your work or to be more gender sensitive?

Are you a gender focal person in your organisation or institution?

Do you have gender work as part of your job description?

Do you want to develop your gender training skills and become a GETNET training consultant?

If you have answered YES to one or more of these questions, then you fall within the target group for these workshops.

For more information about these workshops, please click here.

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