GETNET'S Approach

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Recognising the need for men's gender training

GETNET is the first training organisation in the voluntary sector to initiate men's gender training. Our men's training programme aims to enable men to play a positive role in organisational and institutional change. GETNET's perspective emphasises that transformation of the power relations between women and men flow from partnerships between women and men.

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Men and Masculinities

The Men and Masculinities Programme is a unique approach to encourage the participation of men in working towards transforming gender relations in South Africa. The training GETNET offers to men is unique in that it is held exclusively with men in a secure and non - threatening environment where they can reflect and discuss a range of gender issues relevant to their personal lives, work and community.

The training offered within this programme is ideal for men who are interested in gender work and that are employed as transformation officers, diversity trainers, human resource managers, members of men's groups or forums.

The three - day workshop:

  • Enables participants to reflect on how their socialisation, culture, tradition and religion affect relations between women and men.
  • Examines the intersections between gender, HIV/AIDS and Violence against Women
  • Promotes social relations that contribute towards equity between women and men.
  • Assist individuals, organisations and institutions to formulate plans for change interventions
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