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About us

GETNET as a Gender Training Organisation

GETNET is a training institution formed in 1995, servicing organisations, institutions and clients in South Africa and the SADC region. Our offices are located in Cape Town. GETNET's services are delivered through highly skilled in-house staff members and a dedicated panel of GETNET consultants and associates in different provinces of South Africa.

Through organising and participating in events that focus on building national structures for the empowerment of women and through training government officials, GETNET has located itself at the centre of national debates on transforming social relations and institutional cultures in the country. After nearly seven years of gender training, we enjoy a positive reputation both in South Africa and in SADC.

GETNET's unique role

GETNET is a unique initiative in South Africa's struggle for democracy. In its focus on women's empowerment and men's gender training, GETNET is at the forefront of social transformation strategy in South Africa.

Building skills, expertise and capacity in gender training

GETNET is the first organisation in the NGO sector in South Africa to develop a pool of skilled gender trainers and to offer gender training for transformation. Our services contribute to addressing the vast need for skills, expertise and capacity to effect gender sensitive policies, practices and cultures within institutions and organisations.

The favourable constitutional dispensation for women in South Africa since 1995 has provided possibilities for delivery in the area of gender equality and women's empowerment. GETNET recognises that the quality, pace and scale of delivery of change towards gender equality depends on the availability of relevant skills and expertise.

The rationale for GETNET's gender training as a core service provision is based on the recognition that the transformation of gender relations and women's empowerment is dependent on women and men acquiring appropriate skills and attitudes.


GETNET's mission is to play a dynamic role in the transformation and equalisation of power relations between women and men.


Our commitment is to gender equality with an emphasis on empowering women through transforming women and men's lives in the process of democratising South Africa. Our activities are aimed at strengthening civil society and enabling government in South Africa and in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to implement strategies for gender equality.

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